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Black Ops

A thirty-year-old covert operation suddenly flares into horrifying life as those who took part in it are targeted one by one for death. But who is doing the targeting? And why the killing spree now? In this, their sixth adventure, the quest for answers to these questions leads Detective Superintendent Cecilia Cavaliere, her husband Anglican priest Michael Aarons and her colleagues on a complicated and at times dangerous quest.  


A Habit of Death

DCI Cecilia Cavaliere, her husband Anglican priest Fr. Michael Aarons, and their precocious three year old daughter Rachel, together with various dogs and a couple of cats, are back in a new mystery. Amid the excitements and fireworks of bonfire night in Edgestow, one of the sisters at the St. Boniface Convent has been murdered, and a precious painting has been stolen. But was the sister really who everyone thought she was? And what is the connection between the two crimes? Was the theft intended, and the murder collateral damage? Or was the murder planned, and the theft opportunistic? Or did someone really intend to commit both crimes in the same night? And if so, who? Cecilia and her friends must follow a complex trail if they are to find answers to these questions.  


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