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Spring's Kiss

This volume of plant poems written in the summer is accompanied by photographs of Dr. Victoria Sullivan. Spring’s Kiss praises the qualities of wildflowers that inhabit and create beauty in the world and is a nod to Susan Albert’s: “One person’s weed is another person’s wildflower,” and many of those weeds are included in this volume. Medicinal, as well as aesthetic qualities of the plants, are touted in some of the poems, and the beautiful blooms of these weeds reinforce Albert’s observation about plants.  


The Ultimate Pursuit

The Ultimate Pursuit includes explorations of a Persian transmigration inspired by the author’s lifetime readings of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and memories of Persia during her sojourn in this country, 1973-75. This volume offers a brief glimpse into the culture and history of Persia in lyrics spoken by transmigrated souls, beginning with a rooster who crows day-long on the banks of a Louisiana coulee. The book offers a non-traditional excursion into a culture 2500 years old. The Ultimate Pursuit includes a section of poems about Persia selected from Farda, published in 2009. Artist Rose Anne Raphael provided ink sketches inspired by Persian motifs to illustrate the poems  


All Love,

All Love, is a volume of poems about relatives and relationships, death and dying, illness and recovery. It includes a special section about a three-week sojourn in Mexico and Everyday Journal IV that records ordinary and extraordinary daily happenings, as well as observations about present-day social issues.   


In a Convent Garden

In a Convent Garden and Other Poems features poems about life within a Benedictine Convent and on the Cumberland Plateau, as well as cameos of people in the Tennessee hills and feelings engendered by visits to the homes of southern writers. A special section entitled “Yard Poems” encompasses poetic, often whimsical observations about flora and fauna of the Tennessee forests. Meditations about the spiritual life, music, art, and travel combine wonder and wisdom in a single volume that contains the songs of a profound poetic voice.   


Field Marks

Field Marks is a book of poetry by Diane Moore inspired by her appreciation of birdlife. As a child her mother introduced her to robins, blue jays, cardinals, sparrows, and mockingbirds in a picture book. Poetic accounts of the visits of birds to a backyard feeder at Sewanee, Tennessee, and other locales showcase a precious natural resource. Beautiful photographs taken by Sister Madeleine Mary, Community of St. Mary, Sewanee, Tennessee, accompany the Field Marks poems.  


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