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The Spirituality of Yoga
Discover one of the world's oldest systems of well-being, and learn how to incorporate some of Yoga's wisdom into your spiritual practice.
Turning, Turning, Till We Come Round Right
A Lenten Quiet Morning with Sr. Madeleine Mary, CSM
Racial Healing in the Era of Multiple Pandemics
Don't miss our first virtual event of 2021 with Dr. Catherine Meeks on racial healing!
A Vision of Angels
Virtual Event with Sr. Madeleine Mary, CSM
Virtual Program with June Mays
June Mays, Master Gardener will present: The Potager & Gardens as Sanctuary!
All About Adaptogens
The Herb Girls, Eileen & Amy, present on adaptogens: a class of herbs designed to help YOU rise above stress and its associated ill effects.
A New Heaven & A New Earth - Virtual Retreat
This virtual retreat led by the Rev. Barbara Crafton will be held on Zoom.