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On a psychological and spiritual level, Moses is not so unlike us. His life journey can, in fact, help us to understand our own. By examining more closely his journey with God and his people, we will explore our own path with God and our neighbor. This journey will take us through moments of wilderness, healing and repentance, conversion and growth.



Sr. Madeleine Mary holds an M.Div. from The School of Theology as well as a certificate in Spiritual Direction from The General Seminary. She has been a Religious for fifty years, has served as a spiritual director for thirty-one years in New York, Virginia, New Haven, and Sewanee. She has also done retreat work and programs widely throughout the United States as well as in Europe. While living in New York, she ministered in numerous capacities, including serving as the Rev. Mother of the Community of the Holy Spirit, Program Director for the CHS Earth Ministry, Ecumenical Officer for the Episcopal Religious Orders. Since she transferred to the Community of St. Mary, she has served as Prioress and has used her preaching, reflections, photography and video skills to help people explore the connections between faith, care for creation, and Benedictine spirituality.


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Event Recording: Turning, Turning Till We Come Round Right

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